Water Fountains

Nothing is softer & more flexible than water & yet nothing can resist it..


Lotus          104cm high            $970          For saleycqM40eCSYuc2YsFCT4N7w.jpg


Bloom         46cm high          $250



Shimmer     42cm high        $250        For saleIMG_5344.JPG


Infinity       39cm high         $170       (Without pump & bowl)





Watercolour   1.1 metre high        $1060    For sale    (without pump & bowl)



Garden        33cm high             $320         >Sold<IMG_4318IMG_4316IMG_4315


Flute           45cm high             $245    >SOLD<IMG_4314


Arum          44cm high                   $190            >SOLD<      Can be made to order






Wild River           40cm high           $190            For Sale IMG_4179IMG_4180


Water Garden         46cm high             $310           >SOLD<     Can be made to orderfullsizeoutput_3a8du0I+ksPtRO+cKpNZ8VTyLwfullsizeoutput_3a8f






lotus flower & leaves       38cm high               $185        For Salefullsizeoutput_3a58fullsizeoutput_3a5a







Medium Turquoise Lotus      75cm high           $470 without pump & bowl    >SOLD<fullsizeoutput_3a54fullsizeoutput_3a56


Arum & Lotus     64cm high       $310 without pump & bowl     $430 complete    >SOLD<fullsizeoutput_3a4afullsizeoutput_3a4cfullsizeoutput_3a4efullsizeoutput_3a52







The World Smiles in Flowers..    84cm high   $1070 without pump & bowl     >SOLD<                                                                  Forged from roof guttering & the walls of a copper boiler and many hours of work.IMG_4111IMG_4112IMG_4113IMG_4114








Eternal      44cm high           $270                  For Salefullsizeoutput_39d1fullsizeoutput_39d9fullsizeoutput_39e0









Abundance   100cm high    $1050     > Made to order







Flute Flower fountain     75cm high     >SOLD<   $460 (without submersible pump & bowl) $620 complete.fullsizeoutput_3830



My sense of devine brings with it a strange sound of music.  A beautiful melody sounding like a multitude of flutes…..


Water Music    90cm high     $1060   >SOLD<

If music were water this is what it would sound like.fullsizeoutput_370dfullsizeoutput_3717fullsizeoutput_371a


Crying Bird      85cm high     $1080       For SaleIMG_3844IMG_3840IMG_3838IMG_3839IMG_3841








Heart Tower   48cm high   $270  >SOLD<IMG_3916IMG_3919




Lotus       60cm high      $290 including pump         >SOLD<  * Can be made to order *IMG_3893IMG_3894IMG_3895




3 Leaves    40cm high    $160     * Can be made to order *

This table fountain is perfect for indoors & outdoors on a balcony or in a courtyard.IMG_2749.JPG



Nautilus Shells ~ 48cm high ~ $275   SOLD

Water fills the shells in a spiral & slowly makes its way to the water creating a relaxing gentle trickling sound. Perfect for indoors or outdoors. (Price does not include pump)









Peace Fountain ~  1 metre high ~ $890 ~  SOLD

Relax into the peaceful sound of this Lotus pod & leaf fountain









The Source    1.2 metres high to top reed.  $885   SOLD

*This piece can be made to order*IMG_2675








harmony fountain $920 1.1 metre high SOLD








Flute fountain & candelabra to go into a rectangular trough.  This piece is a commission.








Lily Pad fountain (without bowl) 50cm across ~ $245     For SaleIMG_1843


‘Crying Bird` meditation fountain.   32cm high  $190 including submersible pump.                               SOLD    (this can be made to order)









Fountain of life      115cm high     $1020    >SOLD<













2 Leaves  40cm high  $210IMG_1541


Lotus Bloom 75cm high  $495




Lotus Flowers & leaves  38cm high  $165IMG_1657





IMG_1194                                                                     Leaves





Bird of Paradise   1 metre high $1350IMG_6040


Lotus jungle  85cm high  img_1372

Lotus Bloom