Water Fountains

Lotus Cathedral   82cm high  $1050

Water filling pods, trickling down over leaves, sounding like a downpour of rain.fullsizeoutput_3727.jpeg



Water Music    90cm high     $1060

If music were water this is what it would sound like.



3 Leaves    40cm high    $160

This table fountain is perfect for indoors & outdoors on a balcony or in a courtyard.IMG_2749.JPG


Calla Lilies ~ 48cm high ~ $240

Water comes through each lily flower and trickles down onto leaves & into the water below (price does not include pump)



Nautilus Shells ~ 48cm high ~ $275

Water fills the shells in a spiral & slowly makes its way to the water creating a relaxing gentle trickling sound. Perfect for indoors or outdoors. (Price does not include pump)


Peace Fountain ~  1 metre high ~ $890 ~  For Sale

Relax into the peaceful sound of this Lotus pod & leaf fountain


The Source    1.2 metres high to top reed.  $885   SOLD

*This piece can be made to order*IMG_2675

harmony fountain $920 1.1 metre high SOLD


Flute fountain & candelabra to go into a rectangular trough.  This piece is a commission.


Little Star fountain    56cm high    $350    SOLD    (This piece can be made to order)

Pools      48cm high    $310   SOLD  (This piece can be made to order)

Lily Pad fountain (without bowl) 50cm across ~ $245     For SaleIMG_1843


‘Crying Bird` meditation fountain.   32cm high  $190 including submersible pump.                               SOLD    (this can be made to order)



Peace Lily pad table fountain will happily live inside or outdoors on your balcony or in the courtyard. 37cm high. $175 including submersible pump.      SOLD     (this can be made to order)


Scallop fountain     42cm high    $215   SOLD


Fountain of life      115cm high     $1020     For sale

2 Leaves  40cm high  $210IMG_1541


Lotus Bloom 75cm high  $495




Lotus Flowers & leaves  38cm high  $165IMG_1657





IMG_1194                                                                     Leaves





Bird of Paradise   1 metre high $1350IMG_6040


Lotus jungle  85cm high  $610img_1372

Lotus Bloom