The Power of the flower      20cm across    $70IMG_38178BVWazthQ%iD5XpYQcm+vwLotus leaves to hold a tea light or jewellery or soap or just as it is..   Baby 6cm $6   Small 9cm $10     Medium 14cm $15      Large 18cm $20IMG_1557


Flower Power individual battery powered lamps 20cm across     $68 eachIMG_2222.JPG

Individual Stems        Baby $8     Small $12    Medium $14IMG_3185


Lotus Flute Vase 62cm high $210 IMG_3556

Eternity flower bowls     Baby 10cm $25    Small 15cm $38    Medium 20cm $55IMG_1908

Water bowl 50cm across   $385      >SOLD<IMG_1613


Nest Bowls